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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

This Blog is (in the Middle of) Moving!!

I am excited to announce my new and improved blog!!! I will keep this blog active (but won't post) until I get all of the posts transferred. But you can start following my new blog anytime. It's the same concept as this blog, just a new design. My new blog is The Busy Bee Blog. You can visit me there at

The Busy Bee Blog

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Monday, May 27, 2013

A Week in Pictures: March 10-16

March 10 - S had THREE of her fingers in her mouth as she slept! I was a little worried she'd choke!

March 13 - N received his birthday present from Uncle B and Aunt C!! Jurassic Park Legos!!

March 14 - Time for a haircut!

March 16 - I guess this means summer is upon us...
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A Week in Pictures: March 3-9

March 5 - For N's birthday we all went to Hoppy feet just down the road from our house. He loves it there and had a blast. He ran around, played with dad, found a little girl to play with, played games, and - when he got tired of me taking pictures - he put his finger in his nose every time I brought out the camera!!
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A Week in Pictures: February 24 - March 2

February 26 - S napping.

February 28 - N loves getting his Lego Club Jr in the mail. He really reads through it and stops every once in a while to tell us about something that's in it.

March 1 - N got his birthday card and stickers from Great Grandma. She is too sweet! It was just what he wanted!!
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A Week in Pictures: Feb 17-23

February 17 - N had a long day! We went to Costco and did some shopping and ate some pizza and afterwards we went home and had ice cream for dessert. He was so tired, he fell asleep sitting up before he could even finish his ice cream!

February 19 - S loves playing with that cute baby in the mirror! She kept talking, making faces, and laughing at her reflection.

February 21 - We went for a walk today and I brought some water in a Thermal and N kept saying it was his and carried it the whole way. He sure is active!
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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Looking for Hostess of the Month Club Members!!

I'm looking for anyone who want to participate in a unique group. It is a Thirty-One Hostess of the Month Club. 
Each person agrees to purchase at least $31 worth of Thirty-One products each month, from June 2013 - December 2013. Each month, one of the members in this exclusive group will get to 'host' the party that month using the orders placed by the other members. 
Everyone will know which month they will be 'hosting' ahead of time. So if it's your month to host, you can choose to collect even more orders from your personal friends and family to boost your hostess benefits for that month! You'll be able to count on having at least a GUARANTEED $217 in orders before your party even takes place!
 For more information or to join you can either email me at or you can join my Exclusive Facebook Group and message me through there! :)
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Free Giveaway!!


As I said in this post I haven't been around much lately. So I figured - What better way to apologize than to bribe you? ;)

I will be giving away three items. These three items to be exact:

Little's Carry All Caddy in Organic Poppy

Small Rosette Clip in Inspirations

Thermal Zipper Pouch in Island Damask
Entering is free and you have FOUR WAYS to enter:
1.) Comment on this post.
2.) Join my exclusive Thirty-One Facebook Group.
3.) Comment on the Giveaway Post in my Facebook Group.
4.) Like the Giveaway Post in my Facebook Group.

That's it! That's all you have to do to enter! You can get up to 4 entries and I will be drawing 3 winners on  Saturday May 18th. :)

Good Luck to everyone!!
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Friday, May 10, 2013

Hello, Again!

I know... you all haven't really been feeling the love lately! I am so sorry!! My life has been HECTIC!! But I promise I will be back soon! I am just about to go home from a month long visit with my family and I have a few posts in the works. Here are some of the things I have in store for you!
  • Finally getting caught up on the last 3 months (Yikes!) of my Photo Project.
  • I have a segment in store for you all about ways to keep your children entertained (in restaurants, in the car, etc.)
  • After eating out with my family all month, I am going to be starting a much needed work out plan and will be writing posts (with before/after pics IF I'm brave enough!) letting you all see how it goes.
  • I will be updating everyone on my NYIP Course (and hopefully starting up with that again).
  • And lastly, I will be starting my Home Organization 101 Challenge again since I will be getting ready to pack for a BIG MOVE soon! Details to come on that! ;)
See? I haven't forgotten about you! I am still here! I miss you all and will be seeing you all again in a week or two!!
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Thirty-One Monthly Special: May

The Thirty-One Customer Special from May 1st to May 31st 2013 is: Spend $31 and get ANY Thermal for 50% off. There are 11 styles to choose from.
 Visit my website or Facebook page to take advantage of this great deal!!

I am also currently looking for anyone interested in joining my Hostess of the Month Club

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Thirty-One Monthly Special: April

The Thirty-One Customer Special from April 2nd to April 30th 2013 is: Spend $35 and get either the Pro Duffle for $25 or the Jr. Duffle for $10
Visit my website or Facebook page to take advantage of this great deal!!

I am also currently looking for anyone interested in joining my Hostess of the Month Club

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